November 1980

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Apples in Utopia

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Uniforms by Apple, Apple and a senior outfit the UCLA band; Blind Pathfinder in Alaska, Louise Rude holds a /ob usually reserved for the sighted, and an Apple can help; The All-American Apple Music Machine, An in-depth look at Apple as a synthesizer, and reviews of three music systems that make it one; Numbers Making Music, no hardware is required for this music program that is actually a complete language; Apples' Adventures in Utopia, Rock stars Todd Rundgren and Roger Powell talk about their Apples - one for art and one for music; Exec Mountain - Theirs is a Hard — and Now Soft — Life, Mountain Hardware becomes Mountain Computer and expands into software; The Ivory Keyboard: A Direct Line to Apple Music - A close look at the AlphaSyntauri keyboard music input for the Apple; plus the usual columns, departments, and Bestseller lists.

V1.03 Softalk Magazine cover, November 1980
V1.03 Softalk Magazine contents, November 1980

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