Laine Nooney Joins the STAP Advisory Board

Laine Nooney

We are very pleased to announce that cultural historian and media archaeologist of computers and video games, Laine Nooney, has joined the Softalk Apple Advisory Board.

Currently finishing her Ph.D. dissertation in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory, at Stony Brook University, Laine is the Editorial Assistant to the Journal of Visual Culture and curator of “inventory objects” for the Video Game Art Archive.

Her current research focuses on the cultural history of the computer game company Sierra On-Line (1980-1998) and its co-founder, Roberta Williams, “the world’s first female home computer game designer.”

Laine’s use of historical, theoretical, and feminist methods and her particular interest in golden age adventure games and obsolete technology bring a fresh perspective and an excellent fit with the Softalk Apple Project. In her own words:

“I'm a cultural historian, so I emphasize the practices people developed around technology, rather than just documenting technological change. That's why Softalk is so interesting to me--because it's so clearly about a culture and a community. It has an ethos and a spirit I've never seen in another magazine of the era.”

As The Softalk Apple Project continues to expand and grow, we particularly look forward to Laine’s insights and perspectives on the impact Softalk magazine has had on the evolution of adventure games and micro-computing technology.

The value of studying video game history should not be that it leads us back to games, but that it leads us somewhere else.

Here is a gem from Laine's publication list: "1980s Lifehacking Software for Ladies, Gloria Steinem-Approved.”