My First Computer, and First Magazine Subscription!

The Apple II+ was the first computer I ever owned, and Softalk was my first magazine subscription. As a high school student, I used the Apple II for homework, to learn programming, and to play games. I remember reading each issue of Softalk as soon as it arrived. I was mostly interested in the more technical articles like Assembly Lines or Graphically Speaking, but I read all of the "human interest" stories as well.

Looking back now, I think that is really what set Softalk apart from other tech magazines - it didn't just focus on the technical aspects or the business side. It had great articles about the actual people and companies who were making the products, or using their Apple computers in creative ways.

I still remember being surprised when the magazine first grew thicker and thicker with each issue, and then slowly dwindled away until it just stopped arriving. So sad. What is even sadder is that I recycled them about ten years ago, never thinking that I would get back into the hobby.

I really hope that this project succeeds. It will be great to be able to read all of the old issues. Plus, the FactMiners project opens up even more possibilities to explore the roots of our modern computer systems.


What SoftTalk Means 2 Me...

Along with Nibble Magazine (which I have a few) and Compute Magazine, Softalk "pulls"
no punches in giving the best un-biased info concerning Apple Computers. The Graphically Speaking, Assembly Line columns as well as IInd Grade Chats provided
information that I can use on my Apple IIc (which is nearby along with two Dell Computers [Latitdude CSX and Dimension L550r]).

I used to have Softalk mags, but after a few "house moves" they are no more...
I look forward to "browsing" the Softalk issues once they are posted on the web
and "blow the dust off" the Apple IIC to do a little ML and Applesoft "offline"...