Welcome Our First Advisory Board Members

The Softalk Apple Project is extraordinarily pleased and proud to announce our first members of the project's Advisory Board. They are Steven Weyhrich, John Gruver, and Mike Moshell. Their individual and collective insights and interest in this project will be invaluable to our mission to preserve, explore, and extend the legacy of Softalk magazine.

Steven Weyhrich and John Gruver are our History/Collectors experts who will be most helpful as we not only explore the source content of the Softalk collection, but have an opportunity to chase down "then and now" dimensions related to our "extend" aspect of the "preserve, explore, and extend" mission of the project.


Steven Weyhrich by calling is a family physician at the Methodist Physicians Clinic in Omaha. But Steven has a long-standing love and interest in all things Apple II history-wise. He has just published the "dead trees" version of his Apple II history on Amazon, Sophistication and Simplicity: The Life & Times of the Apple II Computer". Congrats, Steven! We are looking forward to its early December release. In the meantime, you can find an extraordinary amount of historical information at his Apple II History website including this page on the history of Softalk magazine.


And then we have John Gruver... By day, John is the Network and Lab Manager of the School of Media Arts and Design at James Madison University. At most other times, you'll find him fulfilling his mission as a "certified unofficial flame-keeper" of early microcomputing history. At last count, John has amassed a collection of over 3-million pages of vintage computer magazines! And his favorite, don't you know, is Softalk! John's knowledge and enthusiasm (and his magazine collection resource) along with Steven's vast knowledge of early Apple history will be invaluable to The Softalk Apple Project.


Rounding out our first cohort on the Board is Dr. Mike Moshell. In addition to having "been there, done that" Apple computing-wise during the Softalk days (and he was an avid reader at the time), Mike has phenomenal knowledge and experience that will help us with the FactMiners social-game ecosystem part of The Softalk Apple Project. Mike is currently Professor of Digital Media at the University of Central Florida where he was instrumental in the creation of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy which is a multi-disciplinary advanced degree program for professional training in computer game design and development. Before that, he was Founder and Chief Scientist of the Visual Systems Laboratory at the UCF Institute for Simulation & Training.

Congratulations and welcome aboard to each of the new members of our Advisory Board. We know their insights and interest will help The Softalk Apple Project to be a rewarding and successful adventure.