Assembly Lines: The Video Podcast

For the past few months, I've been making YouTube videos in a series entitled: "Assembly Lines: The Video Podcast." The videos came directly out of my involvement in the Softalk Apple Project, which provided the PDF scans (and the encouragement!) to create Assembly Lines: The Complete Book, by Roger Wagner.

In the videos, I cover the basics of assembly-language programming on the Apple II. Titles include:
Assembly Lines: The Complete Book
The Merlin Assembler
The Merlin Editor
Arduino EEPROM Programmer
Replacing Apple //e RAM
Merlin 8 Full-Screen Editor
6502 Clock Cycles
Pi to 1000 Digits
Debugging Assembly Code Using Virtual ][
Oregon Trail and Typetime Part I
Oregon Trail and Typetime Part II

I've also uploaded two interviews with Roger Wagner, of "Assembly Lines" fame:
Interview With Roger Wagner
Roger Wagner's Apple IIGS

If you have feedback, be sure to create an account on the Softalk Apple Project and leave a comment below!