FactMiners Milestone: Neo4j GraphGist Design Docs On-line

I have been very quiet during the year-end holiday and throughout January. That is because I have been busy in the 'deep weeds' of moving the FactMiners social-game ecosystem forward. Quick summary... The FactMiners game is the means we will use to create an incredible 'Fact Cloud' of all the information in all 48 issues of Softalk magazine. It is an ambitious mission, but one that is guaranteed to be "serious fun"– especially when we create a crowdsource game technology and community (that's the ecosystem scope of this).

I have posted two of four parts as an entry in the Neo4j GraphGist Winter Challenge. This multi-part GraphGist presents the "embedded metamodel subgraph" design pattern underlying the FactMiners ecosystem:

What's up next? Getting the www.FactMiners.org Developers Community website up so I can move the 'deep weeds' stuff about FactMiners to its intended and future home.