Softalkers in Northern California Meetup Opportunity

To ex-staffers and any 'Friend of Softalk', I want to remind folks that I will be in northern California (San Francisco) area, November 9th through 16th. I would value any opportunity to meet with folks who have fond memories of Softalk and stories to tell and, especially, anyone who shares an interest in The Softalk Apple Project.

So far, my agenda includes a visit on Tuesday, November 12th, where I will have the pleasure to spend the better part of the day and dinner out with Margot and Al Tommervik. This will be the first time I have seen them in over thirty years! While we'll have plenty to talk about in terms of what has happened in our lives since our Softalk days together, my real excitement will be the chance to explore our potential future collaboration through this project. I trust we'll have more to say about this following our meeting.

I'm also making part of my trip a "pilgrimage" to attend the Homebrew Computer Club Reunion event on November 11th. I was too late to to contribute at a level that got an admission ticket to the event, so I may only make it to the 'rope line' outside the event. But I am sure I will have an opportunity to commune with the moment -- and likely meet folks who have a soft spot in their hearts for Softalk magazine. My goals are simply to be there/near, and to reflect on the experience here on The Softalk Apple Project website.

I also am planning a visit to Neo Technology, the San Mateo-based technology vendor of the Neo4j Open Source graph database that we have selected for building the FactMiners social-game app that we'll develop to create the Softalk archive 'Fact Cloud' respository as an educational and research resource. And there are a couple other things I'd like to accomplish during my visit, but these are still in the works.

Regardless of whatever else may shape up, I still have time for you if you love Softalk and have stories to tell. If you are in the area and want to explore the opportunity to get together, please contact me either through this website, or better yet, via reply post to this announcement on the Softalk Forever!!! Facebook group.

I look forward to hearing for former colleagues and other friends of Softalk.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa