FactMiners Bank

STAP content contributions and comments earn FactMiners gameplay points.

Community members of The Softalk Apple Project earn FactMiners Bank Points in advance of the launch of the www.FactMiners.com social-game community. When FactMiners launches and we begin "serious play" here on the STAP digital archive of Softalk magazine, all FactMiners Bank user account balances will be transferred as starting balances of our users' new FactMiners player accounts.

At present, FactMiners community members earn:

  • 100 points for each personal blog post
  • 20 points for comments anywhere on the site
  • 300 points for contribution of various content types, like "More to the Story...", "Where is ___ now?", "Then & Now", and "What Softalk Means to Me" posts
  • SIG Updates earn 250 points and are awarded by the SIG Leader(s) either proportionately to all SIG members involved in the update, or in-total to a significant SIG community contributor when the Update is made

With time we will expand the user of FactMiners Bank points as more content comes on-line. Eventually, all gameplay points earned ahead of the FactMiners launch will transfer to the FactMiners social-game community.