Fun BONUS! -- "Tales from the Mac Underground" (No.1)

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(After Softalk what!? - An Early Desktop Comic Publishing Adventure)

The Softalk Apple Project is pleased to announce publication in our QDC Series (“quick, dirty, and compact”) – "Tales from the Mac Underground" (No.1). We thank fellow Friend of Softalk Trici Venola for her cooperation and encouragement to make this truly rare document available.

"Tales…" (circa early 1986) is among the earliest examples of desktop comic publishing (as well as being about an early on-line service predating the Internet). "Tales…" was created with the brilliant Mac software Comic Strip Factory which itself was an entrepreneurial collaboration by ex-Softalk staff members, including David Durkee and Kurt Wahlner, after Softalk ceased publication.


The "web-friendly" version is about a 5.5 MB PDF file, while the "print-friendly" version is just over 12 MB in size.

Stay tuned... we hope to be bringing you some personal reflections about this "Tales..." project and Comic Strip Factory.


Comic Strip Factory

Makes you wonder if there might be interest in a new, modernized Comic Strip Factory?