FactMiners and Softalk Archive to Demo at MW2014 Conference


We are extremely pleased to announce that our proposal to do a live demonstration of the FactMiners ecosystem has been accepted by the Program Committee for the Museums and the Web 2014 annual conference to be held April 2-5 in Baltimore, Maryland USA. While the official announcement and on-line program updates have not been made on the conference website, I believe this link will work if you are interested in our proposal: The FactMiners Social-Game Ecosystem: Leveraging Metamodel Subgraphs in Neo4j Graph Databases. [Note: Sometimes this link to the proposal doesn't "take" until the second time you try it. Will update when official announcement and program update is on-line.]

During our 1.5 hour demonstration, in addition to showing prototypes of FactMiners gameplay, we will do some 'on-demand' GraphGist metamodeling of conference attendees' on-line collections to explore the potential for adding a FactMiners Fact Cloud to the resources available to visitors and researchers.

We are very pleased to be selected among the organizations and individuals demonstrating their projects and technologies during the MW2014 demo track in Baltimore this April. This will obviously be a GREAT opportunity to meet prospective Fact Cloud host collaborators. But equally as important, we will take best advantage of an invaluable opportunity for a "flash peer review" by demo attendees that will undoubtedly refine and extend our design and implementation of the FactMiners ecosystem.