Homebrew Computer Club Reunion on Kickstarter


Update: I have been able to obtain a ticket and will be in California for the Reunion event! :-) In addition to being a thrilling personal experience (as I will also get to visit the Computer History Museum), this will be a valuable opportunity to network with folks on behalf of this project. I'll update here and on the Softalk Forever Facebook group page.

As some of you already know, The Softalk Apple Project (STAP) will be launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fully fund the significant effort that we will undertake to "preserve, explore, and EXTEND" the Softalk magazine legacy. In the event that you are not already a Kickstarter backer of worthwhile projects, I'd like to point you to a truly AMAZING and worthwhile campaign.

The Homebrew Computer Club Reunion is already WAY past its initial funding goal, but there are stretch goals that you can help make happen. If you haven't experienced the mini-joys of being a Kickstarter backer, this is a great one to be your first.

My hope is that somebody in the area will attend the Reunion on behalf of The Softalk Apple Project and the Softalk Forever!!! Facebook page/group with a camera and digital recorder to ask specifically, "What do you remember about Softalk magazine? Have any Softalk-related stories?"