Roll up Your Sleeves - Become a STAP Volunteer Archivist

If you have keen interest in something published in Softalk magazine -- a particular game, software, hardware, author, topic, advertiser, etc., – join the hunt to explore and extend its presence in the digital archive. Become a Volunteer Archivist.

Volunteer Archivists will be among the first to identify and gather all references to their Archive focus within the 9,300+ pages of Softalk magazine. Our STAP "Citizen Historians" will then cross reference and link these Softalk references with other references on the web that are being made available by way of the growing use of Linked Open Data (AKA 'LOD') principles and standards.

Using OpenCulture/OpenData principles and standards will assure proper digital preservation of your efforts and contribute to the "critical mass" of making the STAP Softalk Fact Cloud a truly important and significant source of new data about the early days of the first microcomputer revolution.

Not sure what the LOD standards are? Google and familiarize yourself with the big ideas of Linked Open Data. We'll send along a few links to get you rolling.

Our first Volunteer Archivist is Chris Torrence. He is focused on exploring and extending all the articles in Softalk magazine by Roger Wagner, particularly his work on Assembly Language. Check out Chris's plans for how he wants to do this here.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Archivist, contact Timlynn: If you are a STAP community member, you can contact Timlynn via her Member Contact Form. Non-members can contact Timlynn via the STAP website Contact Form (select the appropriate topic).