Tony Diaz Starts Computer Gaming & Hardware SIG

Tony Diaz with Woz at KansasFest. Tony demoing vintage hardware at KansasFest.

Long-time Friend of Softalk and KansasFest regular, Tony Diaz has joined The Softalk Apple Project community to start the Computer Gaming & Hardware SIG (Special Interest Group).

It's not so much that Computer Gaming and Vintage Apple Hardware fit together as a SIG, but rather these are Tony's twin passions which he wants to bring to the STAP project. Over time as more folks get involved, this SIG will likely split in two. And we expect Tony would join both. :-) But to save him from going to too many meetings with himself at the start, we've decided on the single SIG approach.

"Basically, Tony will pursue his interest in exploring the STAP site content related to computer gaming and vintage hardware." said project Research Director Jim Salmons, "But he'll be able to do more than simply explore the content of the digital archive as issues are posted. We hope to see Tony contribute content to the STAP site. He, like any SIG member, can contribute 'Then & Now,' 'More to the Story,' and 'Where's He/She/It Now?' content to help extend the content legacy of Softalk magazine."

Like all SIG members, Tony can also contribute personal blog posts to capture personal memories or to make topical comments on the activity of the STAP project. For example, he will likely be among the STAP project's eyes and ears at this year's KansasFest when Margot Comstock will keynote.

With the founding of the Scanning & Preservation SIG, Tony should be able to indulge his sleuthing skills in the on-line archive as we accelerate our ability to complete scanning and posting of per-issue digital publications. In the meantime, Tony will be pouring over his personal copies of the magazine to identify things he'd like to bring to our attention. Right, Tony!? :D Thank you, Tony, for contributing your knowledge and enthusiasm to The Softalk Apple Project.