January 1981

V1.05 Softalk Magazine cover, January 1981





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Apple in the Big Apple

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Big Apple Gives Little Apple the Business: Apples are selling like hotcakes in New York City—many to megabusinesses; Robot War: Strategy for Learning - Revolutionary concept in gaming software teaches logic and programming through fun; Softalk's First Annual Most Popular Software Poll - Readers have a chance to air their opinions of the all-time top ten in popular software; Disk Drive Doctor Moves East - A very special person, Mike Cornblith deals in Apple service and general good will; Exec California Pacific: Quiet, thoughtful Al Remmers has made his software company a howling success; plus regular monthly columms, departments, and Bestseller lists, etc.

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V1.05 Softalk Magazine cover, January 1981
V1.05 Softalk Magazine contents, January 1981

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