January 1984

V4.05 Softalk Magazine cover, January 1984





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Apple Leaders Preview 1984

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Exec Learning Company: Booting Up Kids’ Minds. It’s New and Improved and Never Needs Winding: Apple III Plus. Vote! For 1983’s Most Popular Program. New Apple DOS Isn’t Strictly for the Pros. Teachers Teaching Teachers. Back in the Old Pascal Patch. Backtalk: The Wizard and Princess of Coarsegold; Apple’s Education Foundation Takes a New Tack. The Futurological Congress: Peering Cautiously Forward (a Month or Two) (AKA Apple Leaders Preview 1984 on the cover). TV Programmer On Top Down Under. The Amazing Softalk Articles Index. Newspeak. Storytalk: A Feeling of Electricity in the Air. Plus the usual Features and Departments including multi-category Bestseller lists.

Cover, Contents and sample pages
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V4.05 Softalk Magazine cover, January 1984
V4.05 Softalk Magazine contents 1, January 1984
V4.05 Softalk Magazine contents 2, January 1984