Digging In to the Roger Wagner Archive

For all of you Assembly Lines fans out there, STAP's multi-award winning Chris Torrence recently posted this excellent YouTube video showcasing the new book, Assembly Lines: The Complete Book, the first in his series of Assembly Lines videos. To date he has posted three videos. The first of his videos is reposted here. It provides an overview of the table of contents with general information about the book itself and where you can get it.

His next two videos drill down into more specific topics: Assembly Lines #1: The Merlin Assembler; and Assembly Lines #2: Merlin Assembler Editor. Since they are consecutively numbered, be looking for many more in this series as Chris takes us on his passion-driven journey into the heart of the Assembly language.

We are very proud of STAP's first Volunteer Archivist. By taking on the task of archiving the Roger Wagner and Assembly Lines content in the 48 issues of Softalk, Chris is doing an amazing job of reinvigorating interest in Assembly Language programming. We are pleased to have him on board and look forward to more amazing contributions from Chris as the Softalk Apple Project continues to evolve.