Roger Wagner Publishing Ads Scanned for Internet Archive Software Collection


We had a request from Mike Whalen, a volunteer field researcher/archivist for the Internet Archive this week. He is documenting early Apple microcomputer business software as part of the Archive's Software Collection. To date, there are over seventy classic Apple business software programs in the Business Case collection. The most incredible thing is that the developers at the Internet Archive have created these amazing software emulators that let you run this classic software today right in your browser!

The Internet Archive is not just an archive of the Internet, it is a leader in the race to find and preserve the history of the technological revolution many of us have lived through but by now take for granted. How many of us today don't even have a computer in the house that still has a floppy disc drive. What the Internet Archive is doing to help us "reach in and touch the past" and not just read about it, well, that is awesome.

This week, Mike is documenting the work of Roger Wagner and his software publishing company. To enrich the entry for The Corespondent word processor, he visited our site and found six pages with advertisements for Roger Wagner Publishing. At Mike's request, we happily scanned and posted them to the Sample Pages section of each of their respective Issue Profile pages. You will find them here:


We are also pleased to have opened a conversation with Mike about working together with the folks doing The Software Collection. We want to tightly link our digital archive of Softalk Magazine with the software emulations of the software written about in the magazine. How cool will that be, eh!!? As FactMiners game players help to build the Fact Cloud companion to the Softalk digital archive, you will be able to "Do the Time Warp" and take a virtual trip back thirty-odd years to read about some amazing software in an amazing magazine, and then pop over to the virtual "computer shop" at the Internet Archive Software Collection and run that software in your browser!

We will keep you apprised of our progress.