November 1980 issue now on-line!


We have updated the November 1980 (V.1.03) Issue Profile of Softalk. We wish to thank Friend of Softalk Bob Murphy for the loan of his issue for scanning. In addition to the half-resolution sample cover and contents pages, we're pleased to post the full issue in PDF format.

This is an especially interesting issue as its theme is Music and includes detailed articles on rocker Todd Rundgren's Utopia band and their techno-geek proclivities as well as articles with reviews of music hardware, software, even how to do music programming. It is truly astounding how far we have come in terms of microcomputers in music since then.

Three new Issue Profiles

Softalk 3 new issues

We are pleased to announce that the Issue Profiles for "The Gruver Donation" issues are now on-line. Each Issue Profile includes vital information about the issue together with a medium-high resolution JPG image of the cover and table of contents page. John Gruver's donation is especially appreciated because it includes the December 1981 issue. December issues are "treasure troves" of information because they include the Holiday Gift Guide which were meticulously researched and full of information about all kinds of software and hardware available at the time.

By Request: Three new sample pages (V1.06, V1.08)


As mentioned on the Softalk Forever!!! Facebook group/page, we are happy to field "one-off" requests for folks who have a particular few pages they need or want to see before the "heavy-lifting" of the scan part of our project bears fruit.

Today, we've posted three sample pages that were requested by StF!!! member, Steven Weyhrich. Steven has a very specific interest that could be answered by a quick scan of three pages from two issues:

In Search of... 5 missing Issues (Update: NO missing issues!)


UPDATE: Here is more on John Gruver donates of three missing issues... UPDATE 2: And a Big Thank-You to Bob Murphy for the loan of his November 1980 issue (V.1.03) for scanning which is now on-line. UPDATE 3: Thanks to Steven Brosch's donation, The Softalk Apple Project source document collection is complete!

Please help us locate and acquire (or borrow for scanning) these five 2 missing issues:

We can pursue this over on the Softalk Forever!!! Facebook page. If you prefer, simply use our Contact form to start a conversation.)

Now that we have all 48 issues in hand, we're very happy to tell you that the 48 issues of Softalk magazine contain 9,304 pages.

We look forward, with pleasure, at being able to update this article with our progress on filling these five no remaining holes in our collection! :-)